Manchester to Buxton

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Manchester to Buxton by Train

Travel right into the heart of the Peak District when you travel by train between Manchester and Buxton. This train journey, covering 20 miles (33 km), will take you from Manchester to Buxton in just over an hour. Buxton is the perfect picturesque place to start your journey if you're planning a holiday through the Peak District. Tickets start from an affordable £5.00*, and with around 26 trains departing Manchester station for Buxton each day, you’re sure to find a departure time and date that suits your travel plans.

Sit back and relax on your train journey between Manchester and Buxton, with free WiFi available to continue planning your itinerary before arriving at Buxton station. Buxton itself has many charms to offer travellers and provides a convenient access point to the Peak District National Park's many walking, cycling and hiking trails. Take a dip in the Buxton Thermal Baths, explore the limestone cave systems that make up Poole’s Cavern, and sit down at a cafe to try some of the local delicacies the town is known for, including the decadent Buxton Pudding.

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How to buy affordable tickets for Manchester to Buxton journey

Browse a wide range of ticketing options for your Manchester to Buxton train journey at Rail Online today. We’ll help you plan a budget-friendly journey and make sure you get the best deal for you. Here are some other tips from us on how you can secure an affordable fare for your trip!

  • Purchase a Railcard: This can save up to one-third of your costs across eligible journeys for a whole year.
  • Travel off-peak: Travelling off-peak is the simplest way to save on your tickets. If you have flexible departure times, consider travelling during off-peak hours
  • Use GroupSave: If you’re travelling in a group of 3-9 people at off-peak and super off-peak times, you may be eligible to save up to 34% on your London to Liverpool train tickets.
  • Book in advance: Booking in advance will help you find the cheapest tickets. Most UK train companies release tickets up to 12 weeks in advance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What to expect on your journey from Manchester to Buxton

As your train leaves Manchester for Buxton, you’ll be afforded a view of the bustling city before plunging into the p icturesque countryside. Keep an eye out for rolling hills and small picturesque villages that are the norm in this part of the country. Your train will pass near the Goyt Valley, one of the more popular destinations within the national park , before arriving at Buxton.

Is there WiFi available on trains from Manchester to Buxton?

WiFi is available on most train routes operating throughout the UK. If WiFi isn’t available on your Manchester to Bux ton journey, try connecting at your destination station. Most stations in the UK offer free WiFi, so you can connect as soon as you disembark.

What's the fastest journey time between Manchester to Buxton by train?

The fastest train journey between Manchester to Buxton is 58 minutes.

Is there a direct train from Manchester to Buxton?

Yes, you can take a direct train from Manchester to Buxton.

What time does the last train from Manchester to Buxton leave?

The last train leaves from Manchester for Buxton at 22:10, though this time can change depending on the date you trav el.

Is travelling by train more sustainable?

When you travel by train, you choose one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel options. Commuti ng via train significantly lowers the carbon footprint per person compared to flying or driving. Flying and driving lead to increased CO2 emissions per individual, and train travel offers a sustainable alternative.


What's the difference between 1st and 2nd classes?

Invest in a First Class ticket for train travel. You’ll have access to a few additional perks while travelling, inclu ding more legroom, food and drink service directly to your seat, and access to exclusive lounges at selected stations th roughout the country. However, Second Class travel still provides a peaceful and comfortable journey for an affordable p rice. Note that not all routes have a First Class option available.

How long does the train from Manchester to Buxton take?

On average, the train trip from Manchester to Buxton takes around 1 hour and 3 minutes.

How much does the train from Manchester to Buxton cost?

Tickets for the Manchester to Buxton journey start from £5. Book in advance with Rail Online to secure the most affor dable fare for your trip.

What time does the first train from Manchester to Buxton leave?

The first train leaves Manchester for Buxton at 05:20 - however, depending on the date you travel, you may find this time varies.

What's the distance between Manchester to Buxton by train?

The distance between Manchester and Buxton is 20 miles (33 km).