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Trains from London to Guildford

If you’re looking for a cost-effective travel solution from London to Guildford, look no further than train travel! Not only is it a time-efficient option, but train travel also offers a picturesque journey through the tranquil English countryside. Covering a distance of 27 miles (43 km), the train journey from London to Guildford allows you to switch the hustle and bustle of the city into a charming medieval town in just 32 minutes (on a direct service). Whether you’re a seasoned or rookie traveller, trust Rail Online to help you find ticket fares for as cheap as £15.95*. With 242 direct trains running daily on this route, you can easily pick a time that suits your schedule and enjoy a stress-free travel experience.


Get Train-spired: Find affordable train tickets from London to Guildford

At Rail Online, we understand the value of finding affordable train fares to maximise your travel experiences. In addition to choosing Rail Online as your preferred ticketing platform, we've compiled a list of tips to help you secure the cheapest train tickets for your next adventure:

  • Take advantage of the National Railcards, which offer up to ⅓ off eligible journeys for an entire year.
  • Most UK train companies release tickets up to 12 weeks in advance, so plan ahead and book your tickets as early as possible.
  • Opt for off-peak travel times to save even more. If your schedule is flexible, consider travelling during less busy hours.
  • Make use of GroupSave if you're travelling with 3-9 people during off-peak or super off-peak times. You could save up to 34% on your London to Guildford train fares.

With these tips in mind, you can plan a budget-friendly holiday and enjoy all the exciting activities that Guildford has to offer. When planning your trip, don’t forget to also book your return ticket from Guildford to London. Our website offers all the resources you need to plan, book, and manage your train trips in one place. So why wait? Start planning your journey with Rail Online and let us be your go-to platform for all your train travel needs!

Exploring Guildford

Guildford is a historic town located in the heart of Surrey, England, and known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes. Home to stunning architectural sights, you shouldn’t miss out on exploring the centuries-old Guildford Castle (and enjoy stunning views of the town from its Great Tower) or visiting the iconic Guildford Cathedral, which boasts an impressive modernist design. The award-winning Silent Pool Distillery is another popular tourist attraction, offering samples of some of the finest gin and vodka produced in the UK. If you’re an art enthusiast, make sure to check out the town’s vibrant arts scene, with several theatres and galleries showcasing local talent. During your leisure time, you can enjoy a picnic or a walk in the scenic Stoke Park or go for a shopping spree at the Guildford High Street. With so many activities to choose from, your time in this vibrant town will be packed with unforgettable moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about your future trip from undefined? Our team at Rail Online have the answers to all your questions.

What can I expect on my journey from London to Guildford?

During your journey from London to Guildford, you can expect to travel on South Western Railway trains, the main oper ator on this route. You'll board your train at London Waterloo station and disembark at Guildford station, which is conv eniently located in the heart of the city. A great starting point for exploring the city, you’ll find yourself just a sh ort walk away from many of Guildford’s main attractions, including the Guildford Castle, the High Street shopping distri ct, and the River Wey. In addition, the station is connected to local bus services, providing you with easy access to ot her parts of the city and surrounding areas.

Is there Wi-Fi available on trains from London to Guildford?

Stay connected throughout your train journey from London to Guildford, as Wi-Fi access is available on both standard and First Class tickets. This means you can easily stream your favourite entertainment, catch up on work, or stay connec ted with friends and family, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of train travel.

Is there a direct train from London to Guildford?

Absolutely! There are 242 direct train journeys available every day for those who want a convenient trip to Guildford without any changeovers. However, keep in mind that train schedules and services may vary slightly during weekends and public holidays, so it's recommended to plan ahead and check the train schedules before your trip.

What time does the last train from London to Guildford leave?

If you have a busy schedule, you can still catch the last train from London at 00:40. However, keep in mind that trai n schedules may vary depending on the day of the week and your travel date, so it's always a good idea to check the trai n timetable beforehand.

How much cO2 will I save by taking this train journey?

Opting for a train journey from London to Guildford is an eco-friendly choice that can significantly reduce your carb on footprint. By choosing this mode of transportation, you can contribute to reducing up to 6.81kg of CO2 emissions.


What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd classes?

For those seeking an extra comfortable journey, upgrading to First Class is an experience not to be missed. With more spacious and comfortable seats, you'll be able to unwind in a peaceful environment while enjoying delicious food and dr inks delivered directly to your seat. In addition, the fast-track boarding privilege allows First Class passengers to av oid long lines and crowds prior to boarding the train. With extra time to unwind and relax, First Class ticket holders c an breeze through the station with ease or wait at exclusive lounges (only available at selected stations) before their trip.

However, if First Class doesn't fit your budget for this journey, Second Class still offers plenty of amenities to en sure your comfort throughout your travels.

How long does the train from London to Guildford take?

On average, the train journey from London to Guildford takes around 54 minutes. For those looking to arrive even fast er, the quickest journey can take as little as 32 minutes.

What time does the first train from London to Guildford leave?

If you want to catch the earliest train from London to Guildford, you can hop on board as early as 04:08. Keep in min d that train schedules may vary depending on the day of your travel, so it's always best to double-check the timetable t o ensure you don't miss your preferred departure time.

What’s the distance between London to Guildford by train?

The train journey from London to Guildford covers a distance of 27 miles (43 km).

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